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LUNCH : 12:00 ~ 13:00

How to Order

● Click an auto web translator, located on upper right side of Edge or Chrome browser, to see Korean web page in your language.

- Simply click the icon for Edge and for Chrome.

● If you know where to buy a product you want,
1. Click “Make Order” on the top menu, then click “Make Order” button on the bottom.
2. Enter a product page address(URL), quantity and options. (Click the url, copy and paste the url.)


3. If you order more than 2 items, just repeat entering above information of ordering items. (You can order from multiple shops in one order.)
4. K-Shops will reply to your order with a price in U$, and provide a link to make a payment.
5. As soon as you pay, K-Shops will order to Korean shops, and provide exact shipping price by measuring the package weight or size, after we receive your order from the shops.
6. After you make a shipping payment, the shipping process will be started.

● If you have some items with images, but don’t know where to buy them,
1. Click “Shopping Assistant” on the top menu, then click “Ask” button on the bottom to describe what you want and attach images if you have.
2. K-Shops will find out where you can buy them at the lowest prices.

● If you are not sure about the product,
- Use Q&A to ask anything. K-Shops will help you to have the most satisfied shopping experience.